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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What is Sanrio?
A. Sanrio is the world-wide company which designs and distributes accessories, stationery, school supplies and gift-items which feature unique characters such as Hello Kitty. We are perhaps best known for Hello Kitty, our star character, but Sanrio has designed other characters as well such as Pochacco, My Melody, or Cinamoroll, a tiny white puppy with a taste for cinamon rolls.

Please click here to see the company summary about Sanrio Europe and other branches.

Q. Where can I find Sanrio items in Europe?
A. At this moment SanrioEurope.com is not offering items for sale online in Europe, but we will be planning to offer some selections online in the future.

Q. I am looking for an item/design that I remember from the past, do you know if it is still available?
A. Our product line is constantly changing, which sometimes makes it difficult to get items that are older, as they are no longer available. Sanrio offers a wide selection of products. Locate your nearest Sanrio shop or retailer, to see if they have quantities available for items you are looking for.

Q. Why is it that certain items aren't available in my area or local Sanrio retailer?
A. Because we offer a large selection of items which is always changing, availability of items will vary by location. For the best chance for availability, visit a Sanrio Boutique.

Q. I have seen Sanrio Products in Internet Auction Sites. Should I buy products from these sites?
A. Sanrio can not guarantee the quality or authenticity of any items purchased through Internet Auction Sites. We recommend for you to visit an official Sanrio shop or retailer to ensure you are getting real Sanrio items.

Q. Can I use images from SanrioEurope.com on my website?
A. Because our characters are copyrighted, we cannot give permission to use them, even on personal homepages. For more information, please refer to our site usage policy.

Q. I am interested in opening Sanrio Boutique in my town. How I can proceed?
A. For your business inquiries, please go to business info. You will find Sanrio business partner in your region.

For general questions which are not answered here, or comments about the website, please post to us with your contact details. We greatly value your feedback, but we may not be able to respond all inquiries from you. Answers to frequent questions will be updated here. Thank you for your understanding!

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